Wow how full are you!?

Wow how full are you!?

Wow how full are you!? 
Happy Easter Sunday! We have had the best day, morning workout, beach walks, BBQ’s, egg hunts, naps!

How many easter eggs have you enjoyed today?!
Its Sunday 17:30 while I sit down to write this blog/reflection piece, why? Because after chatting endlessly to Nic my business coach I don’t actually stop and reflect enough and I COMPLETELY agree! Having ADHD I love everything FAST, like yesterday! But you only gain when you stop and reflect on where you have been and how you feel you have done and how you could nip and tuck for next time.

Hold on need to stop the bath water or we might have a flood in the bath room lol
Ok I am back in the room, we are good at multitasking but its also good to hand over the reins now and again so we can be creative in business.

Where to start
How to start
What to start with always runs through my head when I need to empty my head. This week has been the half term holidays so we have had Sean off work as well as the kids so rather busy house hold this was week two of our new home. We moved two weeks ago to give us space for us all of us to live together with my mam. Few days after moving house we were all very overwhelmed but I decided to write this

The impact of brain injury on a family is a daily challenge

When we had that call on the 9th June 2017 our lives changed forever

To hear the words ‘brain injury’ the first time, I felt

Sad, scared, lost and totally helpless

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

Watching our family become a carer for my Mam 

The whole family dynamic has had to change

Seeing my Mam trapped in this new world breaks my heart

We do see glimmers of smiles, happiness that shines through

I know you feel scared

I know you feel overwhelmed

I know you feel anger

We see it, we feel it, we hear it

I know you’re still my Mam deep down – but 

Some days it’s like living with a stranger.

Together we will hold, support and wipe each other’s tears away

Brain injury is part of our world now

We’ve just got to ride the waves with love in our hearts.

This decision to move in as one big family is a great idea but brings challenges, but life is about creating memories from the good, the bad & the wobbly bits too!! But know it the wobbly bits that make the fun bits even better!!!

Soooo talking about challenges I am excited to back in the swing of work after a few weeks of quieter time – back to what I love to do! Coaching, supporting , guiding and having fun with my amazing Mind Strong community!! Its taken me a canny few years to get right in my head how our social enterprise runs as a business as well as supporting the local community.

1. Love Your Gut – challenge group!
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2. Private personal coaching programme! (Cramlington or Consett)
Weekly personal training sessions, monthly reflections session, access to my mental health & movement digital programme & access to me via WhatsApp

3. Funded Projects – Around the North East* Criteria applies

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5. COMING SOON! – Movement Mentor!!!

Let’s do this!
Love Rachael –

Rachael Beattie Image holding Easter leaflet for children