Some of the exercises in the mornings you organised I’ve never done for years and I now know (in a fashion) I can do them even at 56. I particularly loved PiYo as I do yoga but find it quite slow at times and when busy the slowness puts me off doing it but now I can look at adding in more movement and get more from my yoga sessions. I’ve made a change as I always get up for work at 6am but will be doing 30 minutes exercise now before my shower. I’m wanting to continue to learn more about mindset as this is a big barrier for me for both failing at loosing weight, keeping it off and exercise.

Thanks so much Rachel I have enjoyed this week, even got up this morning and did Pilates. Now need to tackle my mindset towards food, and have taken on board much of what I learned from you and the others . Thank you

Rachael, your passion and commitment to change people’s mindset around food and movement has shone out this week I’ve caught up mostly on playback – loved the mindset chats and have some very sore muscles in my legs from the workout on Wednesday! Definitely always learning from you about reframing things around eating and moving. Thank you very much 

I’ve enjoyed the challenge thank you the variety of movement has been great and I can feel the benefits this week thank you 

I have felt better in my self just by doing the 20 mins workout in the morning and will be taking some tips away like keeping a diary of my wins for the day. And giving myself some time every day. I’m also going to try aiming for my 10000 steps a day. Thanks Rachael Beattie

Rachael is so motivational, encouraging positive changes whilst recognising the day to day challenges we face.

Whether it be posts, videos or face to face meetings Rachael helps you believe in yourself 100%. Highly recommended

Rachel is great for being motivational & giving tips & answering questions.. It’s refreshing to see a coach being realistic & knowing that she is on hand for support & a chat is reassuring.