Planning, Routine, Rest …

Planning, Routine, Rest …

For me planning , routine & rest is the key to mindset! I had non of this going on 18 months ago be honest do you!?

I used to push the thought of routine away, no that’s not for me!

That won’t work for me I’m broken – Don’t have time for that

How wrong was I!?

Get you diaries out ladies – we all love a shiny new diary & pen!

If planning your time for a whole week is overwhelm start with one day at a time, write in things that

Need to be done today (Must) Eat, sleep, self care, water, work etc

Can be done today House work, learning, sorting personal admin, meditation & walking

Can be moved to another day (if something came up) Lunch out with friends etc

But remember this is personal to you!

This has been a life changer for me in my personal life, business & the ladies who I’m coaching!

We have amazing learning units available in our membership group! Which you can start straight away!

Love Rach x

Love Rach xxx