Our Vision and Mission

As a Mental Health and Movement Coach with ADHD/Bipolar, I’m hugely passionate about supporting others. I specialise in neurodiversity, and through both my own lived experience and my own qualifications I offer non-judgemental support to those around me. Rachael x

Mind Strong NE also has a dedicated Community Development Team who all have lived experience of mental health diagnoses. We use our experiences, knowledge and understanding to deliver programmes to improve people’s mental health through movement and healthy living. Our organisation is user-led which enables us to better understand our target group and have thriving social media communities

The Community Development Team is already working with other linked organisations to create a virtual hub to connect people living with mental health conditions with sources of specialist support. Covid-19 has meant that fewer live activities have taken place, leading to an increase in isolation, we aim to connect people and strengthen communities through movement sessions and access to support. We already have a mental health awareness course that can be delivered virtually or in person.

We’re here for you x