Morning & Evening Mindset Blog

Morning & Evening Mindset Blog

Do you have a morning routine already? Or even a evening one?  I’m sure you do, I’m sure if you slowed down and looked at your day you have things that you do to support you get through the day. I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with “routine” but actually this has taken me years to fine a way that works for me. That might be something you could to?

Why have a routine?

For me things that I can tick off that supports my mind is a lush thing to be able to do! It give me that quick win feeling! It also helps me to slow down, breath, pause and think what am I going to do today to boost my mood, or keep my mood stable or help me relax.

Have a little go now – what 3 things you are grateful for?

It can be I got the kids to school on time! Or I have managed to brush my teeth today!? Or I have managed to drink some water!? It doesn’t need to be HUGE, it can be the smallest of things but have the greatest impact!

By having a flexible routine (god I hate that word lol) but think of a word that relates to you, maybe mood boosting intentions for the day? Its got to have your flavour on it, your wording, your vibe. You can track your mood, fuel intake, movement, day light, human contact, sleep which all has a huge impact on your mind.

What happens if the routine doesn’t go to plan?!

After having such a lovely chat with a lady who shared with me she has autism it got me thinking what if the routine you create doesn’t go to plan? Will your mood dip? Will your day go t*ts up? How could we build resilience around your mindset when this happens? Because Hey!! Life does happen!

  1. Remind yourself that we are not robots and things in life do change
  2. Have a mini back up plan
  3. Create a affirmation/grounding words that you
  4. Know tomorrow is a new day, to start all over again
  5. 3 things I am grateful for?
  6. What is your One win Today?

Love Rachael xx