Hydration Baby!!

Hydration Baby!!

Why Do I Bang On About Staying Hydrated!?

1. The average person should be consuming around 2.5 litres for men and 2 litres for women per day – if you are on medication or exercising this will be more!! I’ll post the calculator in the comments!

2. Keep topping up with a reusable bottle! signs that mean you might be dehydrated. Check the colour of your urine: if it’s very dark, then you’re not drinking enough. If your mouth is dry and sticky or you feel stressed or impatient, then you urgently need a drink, so get glugging.

3. Dehydration effect our mood including the kids! For me I have like a fuzzy anxiety feeling when I know I haven’t drank enough water!

4. Water is fabulous for weight loss, detoxing the Brain, body & soul

5. Are you really hungry or are you just thirsty!?

6. Not all hydration needs to come from glasses of water – it can be our tea, coffee & juicy food!

Love Rach xx

Love Rach xxx