Howay Lasses Lets Go!

Howay Lasses Lets Go!

Sit yourself down, enjoy a cuppa & get stuck into this!

18 months ago, I decided that was enough, I wanted to feel mentally better! I didn’t have any specific weight target in mind, It was basically about wanting to be mentally well and feel that i could live a happier life with my amazing family. At my biggest i was a size 22 and weighed around 18stone it was hard bloody work i tell you, but i have lost 7 stone through moving more and eating diet bursting full of colour! Cutting back alcohol, processed sugar and kicking aside the negative mindset that has been created for a lifetime. I won’t lie at first, it was bloody hard work! But it’s amazing seeing the positive results daily!

Something important I’ve learned in the past couple of years is that life is about creating, not letting life create you especially when it comes to your mental & physical health. In the last 2 years i built daily routines, plans, stratiages & resilience to support my journey of recovery. Somedays i use affirmations, somedays i mediate, somedays i run, some days i cry & somedays i sit & ignore the world but i NEVER give up anymore.

From the age of 13 i have battled with my mind & body, always been at the joke of a bully, the 13 year old stepping on the scales to be paid to lose weight & created all kinds of excuses about being busy, im broken, don’t have time, i will start monday you name i have said it all! You probably tell them to yourself!

It is now my mission to inspire other women that you are enough, you matter & you are important. Let’s banish the unhealthy relationship we have been surrounded by for decades, remove the internal script that we are shit & rewire our brain to I CAN & I WILL!

My strategy everyday is “movement is medicine” & “food is fuel” – lets move for good feeling & fuel your day with good food to keep your mood & energy stable!

Simple, right?!

Rachael Beattie staying fit