Great ways to clear your mind

Great ways to clear your mind

Not one size fits all in life so i am creating these bite size blogs to share what i have learnt over the last 15 years of coaching

Clearing the mind

For me i have tried various different ways to clear my mind anything from meditation to running a half marathon (sounds crazy i know!) The biggest bit of advice I would give to anyone is to try them all more than once! I meet so many women on a daily basis who tell me that oh god i don’t like meditation or running or whatever but they have only allowed themselves to try it once.

New things take time, do you think i have lost 7 stone overnight?! Nope i had to fail since i was 14 and now being 34 that’s a lot of learning. FAILING = LEARNING

In the last 18 months I have been studying the impact of creating habits and seeing how many days it takes to see and form habits. Research has proven it’s anywhere between 21 and 66 day for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic! Wow! So there is always a way!

Way i clear my mind are




Long hot baths




Long talks with friends and family

So as you can see there soooo many ways to clear your mind the list is endless. But my BIGGEST top tip is choose one and do it really well. When we try and do it all our brains just go into overload instead and feel clearer.

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Love Rach x

Love Rach xxx